Visual Commerce

by Social Annex

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Customers are already taking exciting and unique photos of the products they buy and sharing them through social media and more. With Enterprise Visual Commerce, Magento clients can tap into this wealth of content and collect, curate, display, and syndicate their customers’ pictures and videos across any number of their marketing campaigns. 

Our Visual Commerce solution collects these high-quality images of your products and brand from Instagram and other sources, and enables you to curate these brand-centric images to highlight your products across your site and popular social media platforms. That allows you to create galleries of trending products to inspire customers as they shop, add themed banners to your home page and product pages to promote special product categories, and much more.

Let your customers illustrate your brand with Enterprise Visual Commerce. It will give your brand credibility and authenticity. 

Enterprise Visual Commerce helps you:  

  • See, understand, and celebrate how your customers use your products in their day-to-day lives
  • Increase conversion by inspiring customers with relatable product pictures  
  • Foster trust and brand authenticity by showcasing images from real customers using your products  
  • Create another channel to build engagement with current customers

Enterprise Visual Commerce delivers powerful and comprehensive functionality with:  

  • Instagram Shopping  Instantly transform your Instagram followers into customers with, a shoppable gallery that bridges your Instagram feed and e-commerce website. links directly to your product pages and requires no implementation time or effort.  
  • Smart Image Ranking Algorithm (SIRA)  Efficiently organize and prioritize the pictures you want to display by weighing factors such as comments, likes, revenue generated, and other social and financial metrics.  
  • Complete Rights Management  With complete rights management functionality built into your user dashboard, obtaining explicit permission to collect and use your customers’ pictures is easier than ever.  
  • Comprehensive Moderation and Curation Dashboards  With intuitive moderation and curation dashboards, you can efficiently sort, approve, and deploy customer pictures across product pages and numerous visual galleries on your website.  
  • Visual Commerce Community Build a self-contained social community on your website where your customers can share their pictures and videos and gain inspiration around your brand.