Trackable Buttons

by Social Annex

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When customers like a product or service they’re very likely to spread the word about it, be it on social media or email. Why not take the reins by tracking, influencing, or even incentivizing this?

Enterprise Trackable Buttons enables you to place various social media and email trackable share buttons on your product pages and elsewhere around your site.  Your customers can easily share about your brand or a product they like in a trackable and transparent way.

Enterprise Trackable Buttons helps you gain better insights about your customers’ actions and preferences as you can keep track of what products they’re sharing about, where they’re sharing, how many clicks their shares get, who clicked and converted, and a lot more. Trackable buttons also helps you increase engagement by making your customers’ sharing actions easier and rewarding them for their actions if you have a loyalty or a referral program in place. 

Enterprise Trackable Buttons helps you:

  • Keep track of your customers’ actions so you can gain better insights regarding what they’re doing and what they like
  • Reward your engaged customers for spreading the word about your business
  • Increase customer engagement by making sharing easier
  • Increase participation in loyalty and referral programs when you integrate them with your trackable buttons

Enterprise Trackable Buttons delivers comprehensive and powerful capabilities that enable you to:

  • See the full impact of your customers’ shares, such as number of clicks, conversion, revenue attributable to the sharer, and a lot more
  • Collect valuable social graph data through the social networks your customers use
  • Customize everything from social media buttons to pop-ups and messaging
  • Easily integrate with everything from your referral or loyalty program to all major ESPs, CRMs, analytics tools, and more