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Sweet Tooth has helped over 5,000 retailers retain their customers. Sweet Tooth allows brands to create powerful, white-labelled, point-based loyalty programs that substantially increase customer retention and sales. These loyalty programs drive results by increasing customer purchase frequency, customer lifetime value, and by lowering customer acquisition costs.

Or, more simply: we keep eCommerce businesses growing!

Key Features & Benefits

With Sweet Tooth, retailers can run their own white label loyalty program. Customers can earn points for:

  1. placing orders
  2. signing up for a customer account
  3. writing product reviews
  4. sharing products on social media
  5. referring friends
  6. on their birthday
  7. and more!

How it works

Utilizing the dotmailer for Magento integration, you can easily sync key Sweet Tooth data to your dotmailer account - such as current point balance, points expiry date and the date on which points were last spent. Once this data is synced, you'll be able to harness the power of dotmailer's segmentation, automation and personalisation tools to enhance your customer's awareness of their current benefits thanks to their loyalty to your brand.