Social Login

by Social Annex

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Customers want their online shopping experience to be as easy as possible, and often end up abandoning their shopping carts due to lengthy account creation or checkout requirements. Enterprise Social Login can help Magento clients make registration and checkout fast, easy, and seamless by simply allowing customers to register or log in using a social network profile of their choice. 

Social Login not only decreases shopping cart abandonment, which in turn increases shopping cart conversion, but also collects valuable customer data through the social networks used to log in. You’ll be able to easily gather a user’s name, email, gender, age, and much more that will help you improve your marketing processes and your customers’ experience. 

Enterprise Social Login helps you:

  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment
  • Increase conversion with a streamlined solution
  • Increase average order value by saving your customers time and effort
  • Acquire valuable customer data ranging from personal preferences to demographics and more

Social Annex’s Enterprise Social Login solution delivers comprehensive and powerful functionality. We save you the headache by:  

  • Collecting social graph data regularly to keep your customer database up-to-date
  • Deploying a customized and personalized interface so you can tailor your customer experience
  • Working with social networks to stay ahead of API changes and policies so we can keep you up-to-date
  • Working with social media networks to manage permissions and access to customer information  
  • Providing you with a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to track the impact and success of Social Login