Send Time Optimization

by AudiencePoint

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AudiencePoint uses data to identify the very best time to send each individual contact and provides integrated tools into the dotMailer platform to deliver content at the optimal time for each contact.



Key features

Individualized Deployment Times Emails are sent when subscribers are predicted to interact with the content.  

Inventory Based Selling Leveraging our delivery flow in conjunction with commerce inventory monitoring to pause at any time.  

Time Zone Independent Emails are sent no matter where they are in the world based on each subscriber’s predictive schedule.  

Start/Pause Scheduled Campaigns Senders spread deployments over time, which can be stopped at any time mid-send.  

Improved Inbox Placement Higher engagement metrics yield a higher propensity for better placement security.   

Intelligent Throttling Optimal delivery times throttle in batches determined by subscribers’ engagement activity, not ISPs.  

Events Savings Account Your data is safe as you move between Email Service Providers, because AudiencePoint is platform agnostic.  

Networked Database We have a massive, collective database of historic open and click behavior.