Refer a Friend

by Social Annex

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Every one of your existing customers has the potential to share your business with their friends and family and refer an almost endless number of new customers to your business. Chances are your loyal customers are advocating for your brand and referring friends right now. Can you imagine how many more referrals they could bring you if they were rewarded for doing so? 

Social Annex’s Enterprise  Refer a Friend solution allows you to offer your customers incentives and reward them whenever they introduce your company to new customers. It’s the best way to grow your customer base quickly at lower costs. Customers can refer friends in numerous ways; email, social media, and receipt codes are just a few options. They also have the ability to refer however many friends they want. Once your customers send their referrals, an email or social media notification is sent to their friends offering them a discount on their first purchase. Once the friend makes a purchase, your customer receives their reward via email, thus bringing them back to your site. 

With Enterprise Refer a Friend, you can tap into your current customers’ social networks and connect with highly qualified consumers who are more likely to convert into paying customers and bring more interested shoppers back to you. 

Enterprise Refer a Friend helps you:  

  • Expand your customer base at a minimal cost
  • Acquire highly qualified shoppers who are more likely to bring you more shoppers back to you  
  • Increase overall engagement, turning your customers into advocates
  • Leverage organic viral marketing to boost customer acquisition 

Social Annex’s Enterprise Refer a Friend solution delivers comprehensive and powerful functionality including:  

  • Unique referral actions  
  • Customizable referral incentives and rewards uniquely suited to your business and customers
  • A/B testing of incentives to determine what drives your customers to action  
  • Completely customized, on-brand designs  
  • Robust ROI and analytics dashboards to track the success of your referral program