Ratings & Reviews

by Social Annex

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Customers trust fellow shoppers more than they trust brands when it comes to purchasing decisions. Enterprise Ratings & Reviews enables your customers to share their experiences and opinions about a product, giving other site visitors a fresh perspective and trusted source to turn to when they have a question or want to learn more about your brand or a product. 

Once your customers make a purchase, they receive an email asking them to write a review. After they submit a review, you have the option to screen and moderate the content. When the content is approved, the review is posted to product pages, category pages, and even search results to inform future customers. You also have the opportunity to use this valuable form of user generated content in marketing efforts such as email campaigns and ads.

Enterprise Ratings & Reviews puts the power of your customers’ voices in your hands while it builds consumer trust and increases conversion. 

Enterprise Ratings & Reviews helps you to:

  • Enhance trust in your company with authentic content from verified buyers
  • Gain insight into what your shoppers think about your business
  • Use low-cost, evergreen content to promote your brand and raise your conversion rate

Social Annex’s Enterprise Ratings & Reviews solution has comprehensive, customizable functionality that includes:

  • White-labeled designs that blend in flawlessly with your site
  • Capabilities to create multiple, tailored review templates that give you the best content for a variety of product categories
  • Seamless integrations with not only your Magento platform, but also all major ESPs, CRMs, analytics tools, and more
  • Syndication that allows you to collect and distribute content from and to your manufacturers or retailers
  • Detailed, easy-to-use dashboards that put information like ROI and more at your fingertips