Questions & Answers

by Social Annex

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Your product pages won’t always have the information your customers need and want. When that happens, Enterprise Questions and Answers gives your customers the opportunity to ask anyone--from product experts to fellow consumers--questions about your products and brand. 

Once customers submit questions, a notification is sent to a person suited to answer it, whether they are a product expert or a previous customer. When the question is answered, the customer who submitted the question receives a notification about it and the question and answer are then published on the product page for future shoppers to see. 

Questions from fellow customers and responses from qualified sources strengthen customer engagement, increase trust, and ultimately boost conversion at the shopping cart. 

Enterprise Questions and Answers helps you:  

  • Increase conversion by having available answers to potential customers’ questions  
  • Boost trust and authenticity by providing answers from fellow consumers  
  • Minimize the costs associated with support calls, returns, and exchanges by offering an easy way to get answers at the beginning of the purchase cycle 

Enterprise Questions and Answers delivers comprehensive and powerful functionality including:  

  • Triggered email alerts delivered to the appropriate person when a question is asked to ensure a response can be provided quickly  
  • A three-level moderation process that ensures all content is appropriate, relevant, and in compliance with your brand policies
  • Syndication to broaden the reach of your Q&A content to your entire supply chain--For retailers, this means collecting questions and answers from the brand names you sell to display on your site, and for brands, this means your questions and answers appear on the third-party sites who sell your products.
  • Customized design and functionality to ensure your Q&A solution fits seamlessly into your ecommerce website