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Ever wanted to test an email tool’s reporting? Or to see how it handles bounces? Or link tracking?

Send one or more emails to, and it will randomly open them, click links, and reply. It’ll also bounce emails if you tell it to. On top of that it will geolocate as if it were in random locations, and simulate its actions from a number of different email clients. This means that whatever ESP you send from, you’ll start getting realistic looking reporting data within minutes, to get that type of email action manually, you’d have to hire an army.

There’s no sign-up and no fees. Just start sending to to get going. Screenshot


Power user tips

To simulate a bounce, add the word 'bounce' anywhere before the @ symbol, and the email will either hard or soft bounce. Make sure the links in your email are real (else they won’t be followed)

Grab yourself some test data here (that’ll give you 500 addresses to send to)