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Abandoned carts

by dotmailer

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Your abandoned carts, your way

With most industry stats indicating that over 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned, we wanted to put the power and control of recovering these carts into your hands. Our abandoned carts module combines the tracking power of WebInsight, the flexibility of EasyEditor and the complete control in our program builder to ensure you can send customized cart recovery messages to your shoppers via the channel that suits them.

  • Quick and easy installation, with only a few lines of JavaScript required
  • Complete control over what gets sent
  • Use the program builder to make every journey unique

All of the control, none of the constraints

Our abandoned carts module takes advantage of Advanced Personalization to display your shoppers’ cart contents, giving you complete design and control of every part of your message in EasyEditor.  

Utilizing our Program Builder to manage the channel, timing and targeting of your abandoned carts messages, you’re put firmly in the driving seat of how your abandoned cart recovery program delivers.  

With WebInsight powering the tracking of your shoppers, our abandoned carts module puts you a step ahead in recovering their carts. Whether you’ve already told us who they are, or they’ve clicked from a dotmailer campaign, we never forget them.